David Schmidt Lifewave Genius

When you hear the term Lifewave, you may imagine someone promoting a health drink or a particular kind of workout equipment. Alternatively, maybe you will imagine a revolutionary product that will encourage weight loss or increase energy levels. If you have been researching the alternative health market, you probably already know about Lifewave products and services. Check out: LifeWave Patches, […]

Simon Denyer, the Award-Winning Journalist

Simon Denyer got his education from Trinity College and earned honors in economics. His passion for media, especially in journalism, has intensified, making him travel on most continents in the world. He has traveled to Africa, Afghanistan, United Kingdom, India, among many other countries. What has made him famous is how he carries out his work because he does his […]

Greg Blatt: Modern CEO With A Professional, Thoughtful Approach

  An article entitled “GREG BLATT; AMERICAN TECHNOLOGICAL INDUSTRY EXECUTIVE”, discussed how Greg Blatt carefully curated his career over years of experience, actively engaging in varying roles that would help him to fully develop his understanding of the field, enmesh his ideas, and implement changes resulting in growth. The article also talks about how Blatt perfected various skills and how […]

Roland Dickey Jr. Has Taken A Family Business To New Heights

Roland Dickey Jr. is currently the CEO of Dickey’s Capital Group which is the holding company for the extremely successful Dickey’s Barbecue franchise. The family franchise, started by Dickey’s grandfather in 1941, has emerged from a local restaurant to reach well over 400 locations across the globe. Dickey took over the family business in 2006 when it was operating over […]

The CEO Of The World’s Famously – Known Barbeque Restaurant, Roland Dickey Jr

In an article entitled “After Eight Decades, It’s anything But Business As Usual: How Roland Dickey Jr Is Continuing Innovation While Maintaining Tradition For Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants”, Roland Dickey shares how he discovered the secret for mixing innovation with tradition. Dickey Jr.’s focus on sustainable growth during his time as CEO has propelled the company into notoriety. Roland Dickey Jr […]