Georgette Mulheir, a renowned activist for children and human rights, has spent much of her life being an advocate. Georgette Mulheir started her work with social justice campaigns and continued her career in social work. It was then that Mulheir discovered the struggles that children faced across the world and within institutions meant to provide safety (Newsanyway). 


Human rights defendant and activist Georgette Mulheir began paving the way for activists alike all around the world. She dedicated her time to working in Sudan and helped make it feasible for single mothers to keep their children legally. Also, Georgette Mulheir served in Mexico and the US border to support and rejoin families who faced separation. Eventually, she made her way to Haiti, where she continues to do much work to assist the Haitian people. Defend Haiti’s Democracy is an organization founded by Georgette Mulheir. 


This organization works to address the tribulations of the Haitian people. Presently, Haiti is under strict government rule that has led to ongoing brutality and unlawfulness that the people have been unable to combat. Their democracy continues to crumble, and kidnapping, massacres and gangs are running rampant. In response to the government tightening its hold, Georgette Mulheir pointed out, Haiti has held numerous protests to restore its democracy and end violence. The public outcry has proved to be unsuccessful. Those in power have united with gangs and erected a private police force to silence those who protest. 


The situation continues to spiral as barbarity erupts across the country and uncontrolled gang affiliates and power forces lead massacres against their citizens. They continue to harm and kidnap Haitians and constrain children to take part in the ferocity. The unending incitement of violence continues, as does the Haitians’ fight for their rights. The organization led by Georgette Mulheir works to bring the law back to the land and restore their democracy to protect the people of Haiti. They call for internal and external pressure to be put on their authorities to encourage the righting of their system. Citizens from the US and UK are asked to aid in this change by contacting representatives and parliament members to help restore Haiti’s democracy.