Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a successful leader and the President of Hawkers fashion business. David Moreno, Soriano, Pablo, and Alex started this company in 2013 in Spain. These investors had a primary goal of providing designer sunglasses and selling them at affordable prices. However, things took a turn for this company, and there was a need to hire Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to create innovative solutions.

Source of Inspirations

After joining the company, Betancourt provided new insight to keep the company going. He understood that such a company means competing with renowned brands, thus creating research and being creative. So, Betancourt created a simple way of handling things created, providing quality products, and being outstanding. This plan has worked for a long time, and Hawkers is now the leading Sunglasses provider in Spain and other areas.

New Eco-friendly Sunglasses

Recently Alejandro Betancourt Lopez launched eco-friendly sunglasses that meet all the customer needs. A team of professionals led by Betancourt designs these innovative sunglasses; they have used environmentally friendly products, unlike other companies, which is a unique strategy. Furthermore, these sunglasses are guaranteed to last long as Hawkers invests much in quality and effectiveness.

What’s unique about these sunglasses is that they are made from recycled materials. In addition, they are gender-neutral, making them more effective. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez chooses such an investment plan to attract more customers and increase company logistics. People feel the need to reduce global warming; thus, purchasing from such a company makes them feel part of the community that’s reducing pollution.

In addition, Betancourt invested in providing these sunglasses at affordable prices to serve a large group of people. Previously people have spent a lot of money on replacing sunglasses, but Betancourt has found the better solution. He collected plastics other biodegradable materials worm the oceans to complete this project. Besides serving the customers with quality sunglasses, he plays a vital role in cleaning the environment.