Small business organizations have been experiencing considerable challenges as they continue to work their way up the ladder so that they can become some of the larger organizations in Antigua and Barbuda. There is always a feeling that most of these entities have been targeted by the government through some tough and complex regulations, which has prevented them from achieving their operational needs in the market with ease. The problem is that there have been very few people who have been emerging out there in the market to highlight their displeasure with the challenges that most of these organizations have been facing in the market (Newsanyway). 


Asot Michael is one of the individuals who have been facing extreme challenges as he has been urging the owners of these organizations to make sure that they remain steadfast in their business operations in the market. The successful politician comes from one of the families in the country that has been able to invest heavily in a business environment. This means that Asot Michael is an individual who has a detailed understanding of most of the challenges that such organizations have been facing. He knows that such companies record very little income, which means that interfering with the operations of these organizations makes it very hard for such companies to achieve the necessary returns.


As a member of parliament, Asot Michael believes that he has a major role to play in ensuring that he is protecting most of the smaller organizations in the country. That is why he has always been on the frontline, looking for some of the essential strategies that should be incorporated in the country to help most of the smaller companies to remain relevant in the political and business strategies they have been incorporating. Asot Michael has been urging the government to consider the fact that the smaller companies make up the largest percentage of gross domestic product in Antigua and Barbuda. Therefore, any other strategy that these organizations should be incorporating should be specifically focused on making sure that these organizations are finding the environment very conducive so that they can be able to operate without exposing such companies to tough regulations.