Betsy DeVos has made her mark in national politics due to her history of philanthropy alongside her husband and during her time in the White House as the Secretary of Education. Her efforts to expand charter schools throughout various parts of the country have had remarkable success to offer more educational options for students of various income levels throughout the nation.


DeVos took a memorable trip to Florida during her tenure as the Secretary of Education to visit several schools in the Miami area. One of them was a charter school that was founded by a famous rapper known as “Pitbull.” Like most people in his musical genre, he is known for performing lyrics of a controversial nature. As DeVos has a very conservative Christian reputation, the two made an unusual pairing when they appeared together.


On that occasion, it was the third time that the education secretary made a visit to the schools in that part of the country. The schools that DeVos visited in Florida varied markedly in the type of educational approach that they offered. She visited a private Christian school, a public school, Pitbull’s charter school and two college-level institutions. Her appearance with Pitbull served to emphasize her commitment to school-choice diversity that DeVos has advocated throughout her career.


In addition to the school that DeVos visited, Pitbull has opened several others. Betsy DeVos also visited the Sports Leadership and Management (SLAM) school for children attending grade school through high school. She went on to speak at a mostly Hispanic high school and at CARE elementary, a religious school that offers tax credit scholarships that enable children from low-income families to attend private schools. One of the colleges that DeVos visited included Miami Dade College that was formerly a two-year college that has recently begun to offer four-year degrees.