COVID: The UK and Needed Relief

David Azzato had made the claim, in December of 2020, that COVID had already left many businesses with an abundance of challenges to contend with. Many people have been feeling concerned about the impacts of the lockdowns and this entire pandemic. Minimizing the long-term effects has been the goal. Businesses all across the nation have been disrupted and solutions had already been talked about in order to have a recovery plan in place.

England Coming Out of Lockdown

As England was preparing to come out of the national lockdown, the Government Ministers had scheduled to meet in order to discuss a plan which would assist over two million entrepreneurs. This includes those who had been prevented from receiving support as a result of the pandemic. The purpose of the meeting was to find the best plan because so many entrepreneurs often rely on dividend payments. The payments are part of their standard income. As the economy opens up again, the goal has been to assist businesses to get back on solid ground.

A Coronavirus Business Plan

The available support is for medium, larger and small businesses and it is all part of a business loan (interruption). This is called a BILS. It had initially been introduced by the government. Businesses and self-employed individuals have support available through several different relief schemes:

* loans

* tax relief

* cash grants

Even if a business has closed, support had been made available. Some self-employed individuals had been given grants. A grant-based rescue plan had been put together by the ministers of the government.

Business Applications

The government-backed loans had been open until January of 2021. Any UK-based business could apply if COVID had negatively impacted it. Businesses had been given the opportunity to apply for a variety of different loans to help minimize the challenges and to foster success.

David Azzato An Entrepreneur in the UK

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