The role of Haroldo Jacobovicz in improving telecommunication firms is worth noting. Since venturing into his career, he has been instrumental in bringing significant change to the technological field. Jacobovicz is the man behind the establishment, growth, and success of e-Governe Group, Horizons Datacenter, and Horizons Telecom firms. He saw opportunities in entrepreneurship since his days as a young child.

Haroldo Jacobovicz joined college to pursue his career. While in college, he interacted with his friends and decided to establish the Microsystem firm in 1982. Since its establishment, the firm has supported the growth of many other businesses. Often, other firms would seek help in the management of inventories from this Microsystem firm. Even though the firm was faced with several challenges that hindered its growth, Jacobovicz never lost hope. He learned from his failures and improved in his field of specialization. He saw potential in computing hence decided to take advantage of it.

Haroldo Jacobovicz managed to improve his skills and knowledge because of the valuable skills earned while working. He helped Esso firm with market analysis. Also, he was responsible for supporting the company make commercial strategies to spearhead its growth. He is also a world-recognized financial analyst. Haroldo Jacobovicz has helped several firms with financial assessment, including the Brazilian-based Itaipu Binational. After gaining enough skills and knowledge, he decided to establish his two telecom companies: Horizons and e-Governe.

Horizons, known for its top-notch equipment and quality network of fiber optics, is one of the top-ranking firms in Brazil. After seeing success in this sector, he decided to establish Horizons Datacenter to offer solutions to any cloud computing problems.

Jacobovicz also recognizes the role played by his parents towards his success. He says that both his mother and dad have been his mentors since childhood and appreciates them. Refer to this page for additional information