A strong portfolio of investments in the stock, real estate and private equity portfolio is what makes a Hauser Insurance business stand out from the crowd. Providing insurance and portfolio management services to corporate clients, real estate agents and individual homeowners, the company has also become a trusted name in the home security industry. Whether it is providing insurance coverages and managing commercial real estate assets or providing specialized solutions to protect assets from fire, natural disasters and theft, the company provides complete coverage for its customers.

Protecting portfolios and individual properties from damage caused by hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, and other natural disasters is one of the core focuses of this company. Most importantly, Hauser Insurance offers protection for private equity and special programs for homeowners, who own and occupy rental properties. Renter protection is one of the main focuses because the constant layoffs in the real estate sector can be very devastating for people who do not have the funds to keep their property. Also, by providing insurance and financial advice to renters as well as tenants, the insurance helps them avoid foreclosure and other related financial losses that may occur. Furthermore, the Insurance also serves as a mentor to small businesses who want to grow and expand. The company’s expertise in dealing with insurance and private equity portfolios allows the companies to provide sound financial management assistance to their clients.

Aside from its core insurance coverage for private equity and special real estate deals, Hauser Insurance has also developed a portfolio dedicated to environmental clean energy and green buildings. These types of covers ensure that the company’s portfolio covers all types of developments that promote energy efficiency. To meet its growing demand in this market, the company also provides green building alternatives to clients who choose to go green and create more sustainable living and work environments.

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