Jason Hope is a visionary internet entrepreneur who has been involved with the industry since 1994. He is well-known for founding both Jolt Online Gaming and GameTrust, which are two of the most successful online gaming companies in history. Jason Hope also founded technology company Proximi.io, which focuses on developing an intuitive touchless gesture interface that can be used to control any device with just one hand. 


His most recent success came in 2013, when he co-founded private equity firm JH Investments. Jason was born in Mesa, on 14th May 1972 to Robert and Joyce Hope. While still at school he developed his first business selling software online. He went on to study Computer Science at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe. Having worked in web design for a number of years, Jason Hope co-founded his own company, Jolt Online Gaming, in 2006. He was responsible for developing the website and came up with the idea after playing an online game that he had trouble spectating without affecting the players’ gameplay experience. 


Jason Hope


The site was taken over by Wildtangent Games in 2013, which activist investor Jason Hope then went on to sell in 2016. Jason’s second venture was game developer GameTrust. He founded the company alongside former Wildtangent executives Tom Frisina and Barney Goldberg, with whom he had worked at Jolt Online Gaming. The company was announced by Jason Hope in 2015 when it acquired $3.3 million in funding and Jason Hope served as COO. The company is now a subsidiary of GameStop Corp and offers games that are distributed by the popular video game retailer, Steam.

An avid supporter of innovation throughout his career, activist investor Jason Hope also co-founded technology start-up Proximi.io in 2014 alongside long-time business partner, Dan Schaeffer. The company is responsible for developing the Touchless Controller, which allows users to control their devices using gestures made in mid-air. According to the business expert Jason Hope, the product was recently launched on Kickstarter and reached its fundraising goal in just forty minutes.