Every other person in the world today can agree with the argument that climate change is one of the major issues that is currently affecting the world. Although there are very many people who have been very skeptical about the current trends, it is essential to indicate that a considerable number of people who are currently holding influential offices believe that climate change worldwide is a major threat that needs to be handled before everything can get out of control. Jason Hope has been able to position himself as a person who can bring some solutions to the major challenges that have been facing the world. 

Jason Hope

As a futurist, Jason believes that he can use technology to generate solutions to some of the issues that have already proved very hard to bear among the human population. This is the main reason why he has already invested huge amounts of money in research towards human longevity. In the same way, Jason Hope is looking for some of the most innovative strategies and innovations that will help in ensuring that most of the people are able to deal with some of the climatic challenges that have been affecting them in their daily lives. 

Just like he has turned to technology to solve human longevity, Hope is of the view that technology can be an essential aspect of preventing the dangers of climate change. Collecting data about the areas that have already been impacted or changed by the current trends in the world today is an important factor, Jason Hope has explained. People can use the data to see how such areas have changed, which will help them to have a detailed understanding of climate change and its dangers to the world. It is the view of Jason Hope that innovation can also be used as a means of sharing information around the world with regard to climate change.