Joseph Ashford Ellis founded the multidimensional marketing firm located in London, K4 Global. Founded in 2014, K4 Global has come to serve business in a wide range of areas including service, property, media and technology. Joseph Ashford Ellis and his team work to identify investment opportunities, at the same time pushing growth and improving margins for several global companies.

Joseph Ashford Ellis built a company of industry experts who use their expertise to create innovative solutions for business, increasing profits and driving down cost. K4 is also diverse, dealing in property management, app development, and the restoration and sale of sports cars, to name a few.

Joseph Ashford Ellis worked from the beginning to create a powerful and effective company culture by establishing values. He expects every member of his team to adhere to these values, day in and day out. These values are an important part of the recruiting process at K4, and work to ensure that every member of the team is the right fit.


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True to its London roots, K4 Global does its part in the fight against climate change. Ashford leads his company toward sustainability. He prevents excess paper waste, having switched the company to an electronic memo system. He even encourages his employees to practice green commuting. Clear and consistent communication serves as a foundation of the culture at K4 Global. Ashford encourages his team to work on communication skills and to keep internal communications both direct and clear. In this way, they avoid uncertainty and strife within the company.

These are just a few of the principles that inspire the culture at K4 Global. Through his leadership and ethics, his ability to choose the right individual for a job, and his willingness to embody these principles, Joseph Ashford Ellis continues to lead K4 Global into a stronger, brighter future.