Krishen Iyer is a passionate entrepreneur who seeks new ways to boost his company’s performance and provide solutions that suit customers’ needs. He is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President of MAIS Consulting, a company that works on improving the performance of other companies through strategic growth, marketing, contracting, and company policies. 




Krishen Iyer was raised in California. He attended California’s Bullard High School for his high school education. After high school, Krishen joined San Diego State University in San Diego to pursue his undergraduate degree. Krishen Iyer graduated from that university with a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration. 




Shortly after graduating from the university, Krishen Iyer started his professional career as an insurance agent. His work area was insurance sales, generating traffic for distributing centers in the affiliate insurance sector, and managing lead companies. During this time, Krishen founded his first company, MNP Insurance. Krishen was able to help MNP Insurance grow its customer base and improve revenue. 


He later decided to establish Managed Benefits Services (MBS) Company, where he served as the CEO. The company helps other companies improve their online reach by providing qualified leads that help them get more prospects to convert and increase sales. Krishen Iyer serves as the current CEO of MAIS.


Krishen’s Other Career Activities


Krishen Iyer engages in several philanthropic endeavors during most of his free time. He is involved in several charities, including Make-A-Wish Foundation, to offer financial support and advice to the less privileged in the community. Krishen spends his leisure time playing tennis and chess and watching soccer.