An entrepreneur and inventor, Richard DeVaul believes in the power of innovation to change the world. DeVaul is a graduate student in the Stanford Social Innovation program. He is the director of Stanford’s Faculty Venture Fund, a $50 million fund dedicated to catalyzing startups and building the university’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Today, DeVaul is also a lecturer at the Faculty Venture Fund and an entrepreneur at a new company,, which he co-founded with Adam Wiggins and Paul Christiano. Besides, the Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneurs listed him and is one of Fast Company’s World’s Most Creative People in 2017.

“At Stanford, there was a real sense of collective ownership that allowed me to have access to awesome opportunities and potential collaborators and mentors,” said Richard DeVaul. Why is innovation inaccessible? In DeVaul’s view, more people are living in a world that is devoid of innovation. DeVaul’s illustrious career has led him from software engineering and research on wearable computers to founder and director of Google’s new Robotics Group, which he helped to found after heading the Virtual Reality group at Google X. DeVaul has published widely on fundamental issues related to human-robot interaction and is the author of one of the most frequently cited publications on the science of exploring novel sensations through interfaces with robotics systems.

When he is not programming robots or constructing the next generation of VR headsets, DeVaul is a long-standing member of the HCI community. His ideas, opinions, and musings on the current state of and future directions of the field are often published by leading trade publications and universities. Innovation helped him form the 3D printing company, Formlabs, and currently, he is a founding director of HeroX. This not-for-profit company aims to inspire more science, technology, engineering, & mathematics (STEM) education for underprivileged children worldwide. Read More.