India has always been seen as one of the largest countries in the world. Although very many individuals have always paid attention to the size of the country, the reference of India is mostly seen and highlighted due to its huge population. In a recently published article in the Washington Post, Simon Denyer noted that India has more than one billion people. This is a huge population that should be making significant changes to the country.

However, the current state of India means that the current population of the country has become a burden rather than a resource that the country should be using. Simon Denyer notes that the country has not been able to replicate what China has done with its huge population. However, it is not easier to compare the two countries because China operates with a different political dimension that seems to achieve economic prosperity under some international scrutiny and more

The number of times that the Washington Post has discussed the dwindling hopes of India is uncountable. There is a feeling that the country has been underwhelming due to people’s expectations about the country. Simon Denyer has generally been one of the few individuals who believe that India has a long way to go before addressing some of the current challenges it has been facing. There needs to be a significant political shift from what has been witnessed in recent times. According to Simon Denyer, very many people in India are young, and they lack some of the basic skills that they should be used to push the country forward. However, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that its population is educated. Besides the issue of skills, it is worth indicating that there exist some other political problems such as the lack of goodwill and unending corruption that needs addressing.