Did you know that it’s possible for everyone to get solar power at a reasonable cost? PosiGen makes it possible for everyone to get access to solar power. Rather than draining energy at a higher cost, solar power keeps costs low because it harnesses the natural resources for light, heat, and energy overall. Low-to-moderate income families have not been able to purchase this natural source of power. What is the key to PosiGen making solar energy affordable for everyone? The primary reason that PosiGen has focused their efforts on ensuring all can have access to solar power is to make a difference in the lives of those who were labeled as low income. 


Low income communities have always struggled to get access to programs and benefits that most other families can easily access. The solar leasing program is the key to lowering expenses on utilities as well as helping families take pride in improving their home. Although it may not seem like an important investment, it is teaching the community to be fiscally responsible and to conserve energy and their budget. Although financial issues can have a tremendous impact on everything a family does, there are other goals at stake. PosiGen core missions as a compñany include:


  • Increase the number of jobs in the community 
  • Have a positive impact on the community 
  • Improve the environment as a whole 
  • Support income of those who live in low income areas


Hurricane Katrina was just a starting point for PosiGen. The people of New Orleans needed to rebuild their city. It was during this time that the people needed to rebuild, and this time they wanted to build homes that were not only built to be a bit hardier, but they were also built with savings in mind. This included the involvement of PosiGen and making solar power affordable for those families. Although this difficult time was much more challenging for those who were low income, the ability to harness natural resources resulted in a solid new beginning for families that once could not consider utilizing solar power. PosiGen took the opportunity to change people’s lives, and has become a success story since that time.