Vik Bansal is the chief executive officer of InfraBuild. He has complete experience in a range of executive roles in leading companies across the Australia United States of America.

Vik Bansal CEO demonstrated his prowess in leading industrial organizations in growth, transition, and improvement in performance and management. Furthermore, he is a member of the Australian Institute of company directors.

In the recent past, business people found themselves in an economic crisis resulting from the covid19 outbreak. The pandemic adversely affected the global supply chain at all levels. Covid related labor shortages contributed to this due to controlled social distancing, increased demand, scarcity of raw materials, and bottlenecks at international shipping terminals.

These advanced effects made the developed countries rethink their reliance and dependency on imports. They have revamped on reviving manufacturing industries to help them sustain their markets in the supply of products. In his new role as the Chief executive officer in InfraBuild, the leading steel manufacturing company, he transformed the company. Bansal initiated a recycling and waste management system to help build a circular economy.

According to Vik Bansal, Australia got as little as six percent of its gross domestic product. To ensure that this is recovered, the government is looking forward to investing in a modern manufacturing initiative aimed at reviving and boosting local manufacturing. Furthermore, the government intends to encourage local production and stimulate economic recovery.

In return, boosting local production will create more employment opportunities for the locals and promote regional development. According to Vik Bansal, a nation with high-quality manufacturing is more stable than a service-based economy. Furthermore, it encourages human innovation that speeds up economic growth in all sectors. Click here for more information.

However, Vik Bansal InfraBuild has brought tremendous progress in the steel sector, which is part of the manufacturing sector, helping revive the economy. This sector got more than one hundred thousand employees. This sector is a multiplier of economic growth and economic recovery. Bansal is looking forward to better economic recovery and sustainability days through the steel industry. He has however worked with Cleanaway company as the chief executive officer and the managing director.


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