The current Posigen CEO is a businessman by the name of Thomas Neyhart. He has been named one of America’s most intriguing CEOs by a major publication. And Neyhart brings a unique style of leadership to Posigen. As the Posigen CEO, Neyhart is frequently looked to for advice about entrepreneurship and business leadership (Pitchbook). 


Thomas Neyhart often speaks publicly about construction and renewable energy since he is so well-versed in these topics. This is because before he was with Posigen, he was a partner for a staffing firm that specialized in construction. Thomas Neyhart has well over two-and-a-half decades worth of management experience. He was the COO of Utica Rentals for over a decade before moving on to other endeavors. At Posigen, Neyhart is responsible for a workforce that utilizes renewable energy. Posigen plans to bring solar power and energy efficiency to as many consumers as possible. 


The PosiGen company advertises on the site that they work to accommodate almost any budget. Furthermore, they also focus on bringing jobs to low-income communities and helping the environment. Posigen allows customers to lease their solar panels instead of buying them outright, too. This allows people to have access to solar power at a much lower price than buying. PosiGen also gives its customers, mainly the working class, a chance to lower their energy bills and increase the value of their homes. They also help their clients cut on their maintenance costs and, in the long run, improve the durability of their homes so that they are attractive to future buyers in the future.


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