Liu Qiangdong is an established serial entrepreneur with a built reputation behinds his back. He is the CEO and founder of, formerly known as, regarded as the third largest internet company in the world. As the CEO, he has been influential at the company enduring challenges and hardships to achieve success.

liu qiangdong

Liu Qiangdong was born in China by his peasant’s parents in a village 700kms from Beijing. At the time of his birth, his town lacked many modern conveniences like electricity, but that could not prevent him from working hard to change the village.

Following his determination, Liu Qiangdong joined the famous People’s University of China for a career in sociology. To support his stay at the school, he undertook several odd job jobs like writing letters for a company that did own a photocopier to raise finances for his education. On top of that, he began teaching himself computer programming skills that would later take him to e-commerce trading.

After graduation, Qiuangdong ventured into business by establishing a technological bazaar in Zhongguancun. Back then, most of his competitors were selling counterfeit and sub-standard items to their clients, but Qiangdong decided to follow an open path offering quality products at reasonable prices. His business attracted a vast customer base making him expand it to several other locations.

In 2003, the SARS pandemic took hold of China, forcing Qiangdong to close down all its stores as people remained indoors due to the fear of contracting the virus. As a visionary person, Liu took that as an opportunity to transform his company and began posting the products on online bards for sale. Eventually, this gave birth to the Jingdong organization, which was later renamed

Today, the company has conquered the direct selling sector in the Asian region and is recognized as a top company by Fortune China 500 magazine. The company works in partnership with business leaders in the e-commerce realm and is committed to bringing positive changes to the modern business world.