Yubo has a variety of categories and interests to fit your preference. There are several channels for any user’s interests, from music to food to fashion. The app features a variety of live streamers, too. Since all app users are not broadcasters, users often go live to watch other people’s streams. It includes guides on how to host a successful show.

Yubo App Basics

Opening your account is free. To access your feed, click the top right corner button of the screen. You can also click the home button to open a variety of categories within the app to browse. Type in the name of any member to view their feed.

How to Join Yubo

The networking app is a fantastic platform for everyone, but it’s designed specifically for teenagers. Individuals can use the app to interact with one another directly. When members sign up, they can create their feed.

Yubo Chat Basics

Set up an account on the social platform and log in using your Facebook account. The networking app is free to use, but there are premium options available, such as the addition of unique emoticons, customizable profile backgrounds, and the ability to cast images, videos, and GIFs during live chats.

You can also add emoticons that add a bit of personality to your conversations, such as a cloud emoji, a kitten face, or a rainbow. With the app, you can earn “Tokens,” Yubo’s premium currency, by creating video tutorials and discussing the topics of your choice. You can even connect with other members to chat and learn new skills.

How to Use Yubo safely

Popular streaming topics such as makeup tutorials, sports, cooking, and fashion enable users to explore diverse interests in a safe and friendly environment.

Bottom Line

Users must keep their accounts safe and other users. App safety is something every mobile app should be conscious of, regardless of the platform’s age group. The responsibility to protect the platform’s members is on all who use it.