Bhanu Choudhrie expects positive results in the airline industry regardless of the ongoing pandemic crisis. He added that predictions made before the pandemic need to be adjusted to meet the current economic demands and trends. Besides, business leaders like Boeing anticipate that the airlines’ industries will deploy half-million pilots to boost their growth by 2034. However, this number might be reduced to meet the desired impact.

Currently, a significant population in the airline industry are old individuals expected to retire in the next few years. He doesn’t believe the urge to deploy new commercial pilots would reduce significantly due to the pandemic. He encourages the airline industries to embrace recent changes across their sectors like his Alpha Aviation Group.

Bhanu Choudhrie advocates that the airlines’ industries should collectively discuss their issues as a team. The pandemic has forced airlines to reduce their flight schedules or ground their fleets ultimately. Therefore, they need to reduce their fleet size and minimize unnecessary costs once they resume their regular schedule. He proudly stated that it’s now the right moment to do these activities since most airlines aren’t so busy.

Bhanu Choudhrie noted that the ongoing pandemic has forced the aviation industries to adapt to the new protocols like social distance, wearing face masks, and avoiding social gatherings to curb the spread. That’s why the airlines should consistently implement sustainable changes to remain viral. Like other businesses worldwide, the Alpha Aviation Group uses the latest technology innovations to fuel its entire process.

Bhanu Choudhrie anticipates implementing these changes, especially in the pilot training arena, to make it accessible remotely. His company has been operating with the government regulators and handling other issues, causing many people to continue resorting to it to achieve extraordinary results. He believes that the industry will heavily benefit from these peculiar changes for a while, regardless of the issue it will inevitably attain.

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