The founder of one of the most successful private equity firms in London, C&C Alpha Group, is none other than Bhanu Choudhrie. Even though he was born in India, he has managed to conquer London.

The firm has been growing over the past few years and has an established international presence in an otherwise very competitive market. The success of this firm can be attributed to Bhanu Choudhrie, whose expertise and vision have managed to steer the firm into new heights.

Choudhrie focuses on aviation and hospitality, two niches that the Coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted. As a man known for his ability to see the forest through the trees, Bhanu Choudhrie has stated that the pandemic has also given rise to new opportunities that we can utilize.

There are so many opportunities that Choudhrie has managed to identify, among them being Alpha Hospitals, a healthcare provider with specialties in psychiatry and mental health. With a history of more than ten years, C&C Alpha Group had partnered with the health care provider before finally selling out the firm to Cygnet Health Care. C&C Alpha Group is still very picky about who they work with due to their diligence and commitment as they expect the same.

With his immense successes as a venture capitalist, Choudhrie now has some leeway in identifying the appropriate business ventures with the help of his team comprising of project managers, data analytics, developers, among others.

Other notable opportunities identified by Choudhrie include Alpha Aviation Group, a pilot and cadet training program under the management of his equity firm. The program has been deemed successful so far, has established collaborations with various carriers in the Asia Pacific region.

The program is now planning to adopt a more decentralized approach to minimize costs. Bhanu Choudhrie has acknowledged the pandemic’s impact worldwide, but he insists that there is room for growth to know more click here.