JoggingBuddy, recently added Michael Capiraso to its leadership team. He joins the company as an advisor and Shareholder. The founder and CEO of JoggingBuddy, Tony Piedade feels Capiraso’s experience will be an asset to the jogging company.

Michael Capiraso has spent many years building well known brands. The New York Road Runners, Cole Haan and WPP Prism are a few of the companies Capiraso has worked with. Nike is the parent company of Cole Haan. WPP Prism is a marketing agency. Some of its clients are AT&T, PGA and Coca Cola. He has worked with the National Football League, Major League Baseball and Calvin Klein, also. During his time as President and CEO of the NYRR, he helped build its yearly profits to over $100,000,000.

JoggingBuddy was founded in 2009, by Tony Piedade. The company’s goal is to help people become active through the physical activity of running. It believes that having a partner to jog with helps motivate each person. Partnering with another jogger helps them reach their fitness goals faster, also.

Members of JoggingBuddy can meet and share various running routes with each other. For runners looking for more nontraditional jogging routes, trail running or Geocaching are possible options. Trail running gives the runner an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature. It has the ability to challenge the body more, due to the natural changes along the path. Runners should take a map and compass. The signals that GPS devices rely on may not be available.

Geocaching involves using a GPS device to find hidden containers. It is estimated that there are over 2 million geocaches waiting to be found world wide. JoggingBuddy’s strives to continue to help people meet their fitness goals through running. Michael Capiraso is a runner and has participated in twenty-eight NYC marathons.