Dr. Chris Brummer Career

The Law School is home to the Institute of International Economic Law (IIEL). Professors, students, and IIEL advisors work year-round to research and publish articles in international economic law. The School’s Center for Law and Business facilitates this effort by hosting regular IIEL conference calls and other events that focus on the intersection of law and business. Professors Brummer and […]

David Parrott U: A Higher Education Refined

  David Parrott is an expert in academic affairs, a professor, and a researcher who teaches students to manage their time effectively. He also administers several programs for students at different universities, including ones dealing with sexual misconduct. Title IX compliance means that UF has procedures to protect women and men from discrimination based on sex. He taught at many […]

Joseph Ashford Explains Why Companies Need to Invest Considerable Resources in the Marketing Department

According to Joseph Ashford, the majority of the businesses in Bournemouth don’t know the most appropriate technique they should incorporate as they continue to market their products and services. As the current details indicate, these companies have been trying to rely on some of the older operational techniques as a means of ensuring that they have been able to penetrate […]

Meet DR. Chris Brummer, Great Professor of Law

Dr. Chris Brummer started his profession as an assistant professor at Vanderbilt school of law. He also used to teach as a visiting professor in various top universities like the London School of Economics. He later joined Georgetown’s faculty in 2009. Dr. Chris Brummer is a faculty director of Georgetown’s Institute of International Economic Law and a law professor. Besides […]

Payam Banazadeh Studies Aerospace Engineering, Business Management, Founds Capella Space, An Idea He Conceptualized At Stanford University

Everything has a history. Although that is a conventional truth, it becomes a mystery when it dawns on an individual. This time, it has dawned on Payam Banazadeh, an Aeronautical Engineer-turned entrepreneur with his technology startup Capella Space. Before founding Capella Space, Payam Banazadeh had to go the long way, which is usually the case with successful entrepreneurs. His first […]