Joseph Ashford Established K4 Global

Joseph Ashford Ellis is a successful entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist who operates out of London. After beginning his career as a regular employee and eventually becoming the founder of multiple firms operating in a variety of areas, including investment techniques, he established K4 Global, a business that has since experienced significant expansion and success. The success at Bournemouth that Joseph […]

Zilch keeps you in control of your finances!

Money shouldn’t be complicated. But the reality is, money is very complicated. In today’s impulsive, available-at-the-touch-of-a-button world, managing finances is harder than ever. But Zilch is here to help. Experts say you should be spending 50% of your money on day-to-day necessities, 30% on entertainment and other expenses, and 20% on savings. But sometimes, even when you stay away from […]

Grants Assist: Why Businesses Need Grants

When people are starting a new business, they have to make a business plan. With an excellent plan, the fate of your new business is always better. During the creation of a business plan, however, many people have made the mistake in raising the funds needed for the plan to work. When launching your exciting business idea or creating a […]