When you hear the term Lifewave, you may imagine someone promoting a health drink or a particular kind of workout equipment.

Alternatively, maybe you will imagine a revolutionary product that will encourage weight loss or increase energy levels.

If you have been researching the alternative health market, you probably already know about Lifewave products and services.

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Lifewave founder and CEO David Schmidt come onto the scene with much fanfare.

In the last year, Lifewave has exploded from a small up-and-coming product into a multi-million dollar enterprise, all the while staying true to its roots of helping consumers maintain health and lose weight.

David is also a leader in the use of oxygen therapy as it relates to treating cancer.

As we know, oxygen is an antioxidant, and many cancer-causing materials are reduced when taken into the body.

In addition, LifeWave reduces the oxidative load on the body, resulting in minor damage to healthy cells and a boost of glutathione levels.

As with most of David’s ideas, he is not a doctor, but he has been a practitioner of eastern medicine for several years and is quite passionate about the health benefits of his products.

He has followed the science of healing for many years, and he does believe that the science of oxidation can be limited.

He sees the science of oxidation as the key to cancer elimination.

After years of research and testing, he could unlock the secrets to increasing the levels of ds and Ps in the body’s cells.

Once he had his discoveries and information in the hands of the general public, he set out on a mission to make these discoveries available to everyone.

Thus, the creation of the Life Wave.

When you think of people changing the world through their products and services, you are likely to remember one person who changed the world of personal health and fitness with the Lifewave technology: David Schmidt of Lifewave.

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