Richard Liu is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of The company ranks as the top and largest e-commerce business platform in China. Statistics prove that offer over 500 million clients’ quality products. Also, the company provides opportunities for brands to venture into the e-commerce market.

Education and early life

Richard Liu was born in 1970 and raised in a small village known as Chang’an in Jiangsu province, China. Richard’s family resettled in the coastal region due to the rise of communism in the 1940s. Like most success stories, Richard came from a humble background struggling to survive.

Richard completed his secondary education and applied to universities in Beijing and Shanghai. He chose the schools in cities because he believed that they would help fulfill his dreams. He was lucky to get a chance at Renmin University in Beijing but his parents were not able to afford the transport. Through the help of friends and family, Richard began his journey to study Sociology. As a result of his free time in school, Richard got a job where he learned more about computer programming.

Career and Success

Due to upgrade in technology, there was a need of computer programmers in the market. Richard became a perfect fit because he already had computer skills and knowledge. After two years of working, he saved approximately $1760. Richard used the money to rent a booth and named it Jingdong which later became company.

Richard started by selling computer drives before expanding in the e-commerce market. After many years of ups and downs, recorded annual revenue of over $82 billion in 2019. Also, Richard’s net worth skyrocketed to $12 billion that same year. This achievement made him one of the most elite entrepreneurs in the world. Richard’s leadership has helped strive for greatness through customer satisfaction.