Greg Blatt was one of the longest-serving business executives at IAC. He has served in various positions at different subsidiaries within the enterprise. Greg Blatt is celebrated for having played a significant role in the meteoric rise of some of IAC’s subsidiary companies to the top of the online dating industry. Among his biggest successes are Tinder and During a recent interview, this former IAC executive explored his career path at IAC.

The passion for success

This veteran business leader noted that he joined IAC after spending a couple of years as the General Counsel and Executive Vice President at the famous Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. When he moved to IAC in 2003, he assumed the same position he had at his previous employer. During Greg Blatt’s early years at IAC, his primary role was advising the company’s CEO on an array of matters. In December 2010, he was promoted to the CEO of IAC, a position he excelled at thanks to his previous roles.

By 2013, the conglomerate had grown tremendously in the online dating space. Greg Blatt left the CEO position at the end of the year to serve as Match Group’s Executive Chairman to the end of 2015.

He then became the Tinder Executive Chairman and led the company through its most progressive years to the end of 2016. Between December 2016 and December 2017, Greg was the CEO of Tinder and Match Group.

About Greg Blatt’s early life

In a Business Matter’s article entitled, “Profile: Greg Blatt: Modern CEO, Leader, & Professional Thinker”, Blatt shared how he recognized the innate importance of remaining driven by his professional assignments, and has actively sought positions that would be rewarding on a professional, and personal level.

Like most American middle-class kids of his time, Blatt has a quite typical childhood. His mother was a professional therapist, while his father dealt with exports and management consultancy. He pointed out that having parents working in different fields made him understand the importance of doing the job you like. Greg Blatt holds a literature degree from the popular Colgate University and a Juris Doctor Law from the coveted Columbia University’s Law School, and he is also an accomplished investor. Go here for related Information.


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