FOREX trading is one of the biggest growing industries, and it remains a popular way for smart and informed traders to make big sums of money. However, learning the ins-and-outs of this complex industry can be difficult, as there are many skills and platforms one must master. Online and in-person schools can provide guidance for budding FOREX traders. One of the best online schools in the business is IM Academy.

IM Academy is an online school that provides services and digital education products to help students learn essential trading skills for FOREX. Classes are interactive and students also have access to a wide range of pre-recorded content.

IM Academy was founded in 2013 by Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry, two FOREX experts and independent entrepreneurs. The goal of the platform when De La Torre and Terry founded it, was to provide a comprehensive FOREX education online using an affordable subscription model. This education would provide students the opportunity to develop skills to make them better traders.

In the eight years since Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry founded the online education program, it has grown into a huge and highly respected organization with about 225,000 active subscribers. Each of these subscribers are students who are learning how to make their fortune in FOREX trading.

IM Academy is not only great for its students but also its investors and employees. The company holds several subsidiary entities within its international markets. The company is headquartered in New York City. The company provides a remote work model for its employees, making it a popular and enjoyable place to work. This also means that the company was able to continue operations without interruption despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Go to this page on LinkedIn, for more information.

The main service provided by the school are their videos and “goLive” sessions in which students can talk directly to educators.


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