Everything has a history. Although that is a conventional truth, it becomes a mystery when it dawns on an individual. This time, it has dawned on Payam Banazadeh, an Aeronautical Engineer-turned entrepreneur with his technology startup Capella Space. Before founding Capella Space, Payam Banazadeh had to go the long way, which is usually the case with successful entrepreneurs. His first step was to garner substantive education and knowledge when he studied Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Texas. From here, Payam Banazadeh ensured he garnered as much as he could on his quest of understanding the Aerospace niche.

Upon graduating with his first degree, Payam Banazadeh thought it was the right time to advance his studies. This time, he ventured into Business Management. To quench his thirst for BM, he moved to Stanford University, where he graduated with a Masters Degree. After many years in school, Payam Banazadeh decided to find himself a job. His entry job was as an Engineer Intern in the Mission Formulation sector at NASA. As it were, the young engineer performed outstandingly to the point that he would rise to different higher positions within NASA. Before he left NASA to pursue private business, Payam Banazadeh his left position was as System Engineer working in the Lead Project docket.

When he was at Stanford, Payam Banazadeh he taught an idea of improving the Synthetic Aperture Radar, commonly referred to as SAR. Payam Banazadeh did not know that he would later do it in his own company, Capella Space. The idea was conceptualized at a time a Malaysian Airline Flight 370 disappeared while enroute to China. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of that flight, awakened the feeling of doing something about SAR in the mind of Payam Banazadeh. Because of that, he thought of coming up with a product that can not only monitor what is happening on the earth’s space but also give real-time reports.