QNet’s strategy is to attract customers to its website through social media promotions and digital marketing. This is made possible by QNet’s huge distribution network. The company partners with financial institutions and retailers across the world to distribute its products. It was created with a mission to empower people to become entrepreneurs.

The firm’s experts have collected the world’s top experts and have combined them with high-quality products and cutting-edge technologies to provide outstanding health, wellness, and lifestyle products. QNet’s team consists of industry professionals, innovative researchers, and marketing experts who provide unbiased advice to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses to build and grow their businesses and reach the world.

The success of our products lies in the direct selling method and innovative approach, and we rely on our extensive network of experienced consultants and business partners to provide customers with relevant support and resources. Among its many unique business offerings, it has developed a strong reputation for quality products, an exciting global brand strategy, global staff training programs, and product expertise to meet the needs of individual consumers.

It gives its customers more freedom to enjoy life and lead a fulfilled, prosperous life through products and services. QNet’s “Leading Consumers, Changing Lives” approach helps provide the community, and society, with a unique alternative to the lifestyle of mass-market products. Its direct-selling business model enables entrepreneurs to leverage the e-commerce platform to market, sell and deliver their products to local consumers. Each year, it partners with 3,500+ local entrepreneurs to market their products in China.

In recent years, It has been focused on international expansion. The company entered into agreements with multinational brands in 2017 to accelerate their products’ entry into key Asian markets. Today, QNET has a robust and diversified pipeline of domestic and international brands, which can be introduced to local consumers in over 150 markets, including the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, etc.

QNet’s e-commerce model is both novel and credible. The unique concept of grass-roots business has made it stand out from the crowd. The QNet e-commerce model delivers the company’s high-quality, effective, and age-friendly products and services to over 100 countries worldwide. QNet has a reliable and robust direct sales operation that drives its direct selling model and fulfills its vision of building ‘Empowering Strong Enterprises’ worldwide. See this page for additional information.


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