Roland Dickey Jr. is currently the CEO of Dickey’s Capital Group which is the holding company for the extremely successful Dickey’s Barbecue franchise. The family franchise, started by Dickey’s grandfather in 1941, has emerged from a local restaurant to reach well over 400 locations across the globe.

Dickey took over the family business in 2006 when it was operating over 20 locations and felt very much at home after spending his life growing up in the thick of it. He wanted to be part of pushing the company to national expansion in the fast-casual dining market. In about 5 years, he did exactly that as the business reach over 500 locations and became the largest barbecue franchise in the United States.

The business has continued to evolve with the use of analytics, company metrics, and a commitment to the best meat quality which doesn’t contain preservatives. The meat is smoked at each location every night.

Roland Dickey Jr has focused on learning from past problems and mistakes which has helped him identify needs or challenges in the business quickly. His success has led to national recognition from publications such as Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Before becoming the CEO of the Dickey’s Capital Group, Roland Dickey Jr. Net Worth received his undergraduate from Southern Methodist University before going on to become the CEO of Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurants. The company was started by Travis Dickey, Roland’s grandfather, back in 1941.

As the business continued to grow under Roland’s leadership, he was appointed to CEO of the newly created capital group to lead everything under the Dickey brand. See this article for additional information.


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