Ryan Kavanaugh has amerced incredible success over the last three decades across various sectors. As a venture capitalist, he has earned highly-coveted returns by investing in startups with the potential to revolutionize entire sectors. Some of his most rewarding investments include Precash and ZetaRX. Ryan is also a Hollywood film producer and has funded over 200 films which have grossed more than $25 billion and bagged six Oscar Academy Awards. Kavanaugh’s most notable films are The Social Network and The Fighter. This outstanding venture capitalist is also the owner of Triller, a fast-growing social media platform that has set itself up as a TikTok competitor. During a recent interview, Ryan Kavanaugh discussed his business mindset.

Keep your eyes open

The Triller owner stated that he has always kept his eyes open throughout his business career. This has allowed him to understand the business sector and its evolution intricately. As a result, he can foresee new trends before other business players can see them. Therefore, he becomes an early investor in these trends, and he can rip great returns when the trends finally become mainstream. Ryan Kavanaugh noted that this was the case when he foresaw that digital payments would become the norm and cofounded Precash, a pioneering fin-tech company that he sold for $400 million. He also made 80 times return on his seed investment on the revolutionary biotech startup ZetaRX.

Stand ready to fight

Ryan Kavanaugh noted that he had had numerous failures in his business career. However, he has never let these failures hold him down and prevent him from achieving his goal. He said he is always ready to fight to get to success. This exceptional Hollywood film producer mentioned that encountering failure is part of becoming a success. He clarified that no matter how hard the situation gets, entrepreneurs should always remain focused on their business goals and vision.

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