The vision of any company is important in enabling it to remain consistent in its business ways and activities. It also enables it to maintain a consistent standard for high quality solar power products all through the years. PosiGen CEO explains that the company’s mission and vision since inception were in creating greater access to solar energy in many communities. 


It also seeks to uphold diverse goals which include creating job opportunities for communities that are within its business jurisdiction and becoming a facilitator of growth in moderate and low-income communities. According to PosiGen CEO, another aspect of the solar power company is its ability to encourage savings with every single installation of solar panels in a homestead. Below are ways in which solar energy encourages the saving of money through PosiGen.


Net Metering


The cost of electricity in any individual’s home is calculated using the value of the number of kilowatts multiplied with the price of the current rate of kilowatt. Additional charges like fees and labor for the company that maintains electricity in the area are also part of the cost. At PosiGen, the installation is included and maintenance services are free. PosiGen CEO adds that houses connected with solar have a different billing. This is because the electricity bill will be calculated minus the kilowatts produced by solar. This aspect means that with solar, there is a reduction of the overall cost in the electricity bill.


Change in General Utility Bill


PosiGen CEO informs that the solar power company offers a different solar bill that is not similar to many solar supplier companies. The payment bill from PosiGen will consist of two bills: one is a monthly fixed PosiGen bill and the other is the regular bill that is minus the kilowatts produced by solar energy. PosiGen’s management is strict on maintaining a saving mechanism on each homestead. PosiGen CEO finally adds that they do this by first running costs of the electricity uptake and whether the institution of solar will encourage saving of any costs. It should be noted that the PosiGen bill will remain at a fixed rate consistently all through the years.