Wes Edens is the CEO of Fortress Investment Group, an investment firm he co-founded in 1998 and now has a huge $400 billion in assets. The Fortress Group is a leading investment firm located in Southern California with interests in real estate, healthcare, and entertainment.

Wes Edens is on the constant lookout for investment opportunities and recently his focus is on Major League Soccer. He is in a race to bring Las Vegas a Major League soccer team.

The Milwaukee Bucks co-owner, Edens wants to secure a spot in Las Vegas, so he has joined Bill Foley and Seth Klarman to bid on the project. The MLS is currently exploring different options for a 30th franchise. First Sacramento was thought to be the place, but key investor Ron Burkle turned the deal aside in February and now the MLS has reopened the opportunity. The spokesperson for MLS says that Las Vegas, Phoenix Az, and San Diego are possible locations for the new franchise.

Wes Edens has just concluded an NBA championship with the Milwaukee Bucks and he has a connection with the soccer industry as well as Las Vegas. The billionaire has recently acquired the English Aston Villa soccer team. Under his direction, the team made the English Premier League in 2019, so it may be a natural move for him to seek out the MLM franchise in the USA.

The Fortress Investment firm is also behind other innovative startups like Brightline, a company planning on building a high-speed rail system going from Las Vegas to Victorville California.

As for the MLM franchise, his acquiring it, depends on whether Edens’ bid for the expansion team will be enough to beat Foley or Klarman.

The city of Las Vegas had prior agreements with Klarman to build a stadium near the downtown area but the negotiation agreement finished in April, so Las Vegas officials have the ability to contact other interested parties like Wes Edens to see if they are interested in this new soccer team and stadium project.