Many people are downgliding and signing up for the Citizen App. There are several measures you can take to enhance the security of your loved ones. The app allows users to share accurate information about security in different locations. You will get updates via video and other verified information about the security of a given location. You can take the necessary measures and avoid the security issue after turning to the app.

They originally started as “Vigilante” in 2016 but was ultimately pulled thanks to accusations of promoting vigilantism. The app was rebranded and used to offer caution by warning citizens of dangerous incidents in their area, often before the police have responded to them. This puts the focus on avoiding harm instead of rushing into it. Usage of the app has made headlines, including a kidnapped boy being recovered thanks to an alert.

Avails 911 information

You will get the right information to stay prepared for different security issues through the Citizen App. Those who count on the app can be assured of great success as they work on different security alerts. Through the Citizen app, you will get security alerts and work on them to avoid cases where you will be in a complicated situation.

Easy to use a security app

Citizen App is easy to use; many people looking for ways to enhance their security can turn to the app. It offers up to date information that simplifies the way people can access security alerts. You will not face any issues as you try to use the app in your everyday life.

Learn about fire outbreaks

You may like to learn more about fire outbreaks in a given location. The app makes it easy to learn about fire outbreaks. It is dedicated to making it easy for you to get the security alerts fast and act before it is too late.

Get security alerts

Through the Citizen app, you will get different types of security alerts. For example, if there is an impending hurricane, you can count on the app to offer you the necessary alerts so that you can act fast. It is a reliable app that will make it easy for you to get the necessary alerts and work on different measures to avoid worsening things. Refer to this article on CNN, for more information.


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