ZeroAvia plans to expand its 19-seat aircraft as it hopes to have a flight with no emission in the future. The firm will use two of its airplanes in the United States and the United Kingdom, offered by some of the largest aviation organizations in the countries. The two ZeroAvia aircraft served in the UK and US aviation industries, which reduced carbon in the routes they were using. The company’s R&D, which has a nineteen-seat capacity, is among the first firm’s projects to get support from the UK government to improve its operations towards achieving a zero-emission flight. 




From a test campaign conducted by ZeroAvia, the aircraft, which had a capacity of six seats, had all the required technical objectives. ZeroAvia also received 13 million dollars from one of its investors for developing its aircraft, which has more than fifty seats. Previously, the aviation company had received the outstanding 24 million dollars for the same R&D aircraft project from the same investor. According to Val Miftakhov, ZeroAvia’s president, the company’s management is looking forward to the opportunity of testing its newest technology on a larger aircraft. He also said that the company appreciated the support from the investors and other funders since they contributed to the project’s success. 


Val believes that there is no better solution to having a flight with a neutral climate than using hydrogen, and it will bring solutions sooner than most people would imagine. ZeroAvia aviation is a company that leads in efforts to achieve emission-free aviation. It concentrates on issues that bring solutions to various aviation markets. Its first target is aircraft that have a range of five miles in between nine and nineteen seats, and that is used for agriculture, cargo, carrying passengers, among others. It has branches in the USA and UK. It hopes to expand its operations in the UK, thanks to grants provided by UK’s ATII.


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