Money shouldn’t be complicated.

But the reality is, money is very complicated. In today’s impulsive, available-at-the-touch-of-a-button world, managing finances is harder than ever. But Zilch is here to help.

Experts say you should be spending 50% of your money on day-to-day necessities, 30% on entertainment and other expenses, and 20% on savings. But sometimes, even when you stay away from the cool new products influencers pop up within your social media feed, even when you keep your spending responsible, that 30% just isn’t enough to purchase the things you need – or want. Rather than cut into your savings, Zilch can help you stay within your budget by letting you buy now and pay later for food and more in four to six easy payments. This helps you stay on track.

This also helps you in the long run. Rather than buying a cheap product to stay within your budget, Zilch can help you get a quality product that lasts much longer and ultimately saves you tons of money. Spending $20 on a pair of shoes might seem like the thrifty option at the time, but when you realize you have to replace them every few months, that can add up. Instead, let Zilch give you more options when you buy now pay later food, clothing, or appliances. Breaking up a better item into payments can save hundreds or thousands of dollars over time- letting you spend $75 on a pair of shoes that will last long after the cheap ones are in the trash and another $20 is on your feet.

Everybody could use a hand with finances. Using Zilch to buy now pay later food (or fun!) and will help keep your finances where you need them and help plan for the future!